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THE DROP “Past” - new TV spot. via FoxSearchlight

"Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini will blow you away in this masterful thriller with a killer twist."

THE DROP hits US theaters Friday, September 12. Check out 

Some screenshots…

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More of Tom helping Didier with his Tiki Bar! He’s not really working, right? Or he’s just the worst helper! Lol ;)

Thanks Tom for these pics!!!!!

"Smashed it "
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"Didier is a bstard"

Get to know Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Favorite pictures of Tom Hardy on the set of Legend.


Legend | On Location | Day58 | August 6.

@NizzyLDN “ANOTHER SELFIEEE Lool #MeetingTomhardy “
@NizzyLDN “Selfieee #Meetingtomhardy”

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